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All HiTech Heating came promptly on time and called before to let me know when they would arrived.

The company was thorough and efficient in their cleaning. When they found additional material in the ducts and it was late, they made sure the furnace and ducts were cleaned out. They were friendly, courteous and I would use their service again. If individuals have allergies, they understand how to alleviate future problems.

Lisa P. Hill
Free-lance children’s writer
Jan, 2009

To: Faisal/ ALL HIGH TECH Heating & AirConditioning
I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your quick response and professional service that you provided to the Butler Residence. With very little notice you were able to move your schedule around to accommodate the customer that had no heat for several days and had issues with the installation from day one. Due to your vast Hvac knowledge and high degree of skill as a service technician you corrected the issues and restored heat to the residence in very professional manner. It is always a true pleasure working with you and I highly recommend your company to anyone that is need of your service.Thank you, for a job well done!

Kirt Booth
Gensco/American Standard
Territory Manager
Dec, 2008

Dear sir,

I have lived for years in a small 1,400 square feet home and was used to a small energy bill. Last year I moved into a much larger home now that we are a family of six and my daughters are now teenagers. The new home is almost 4000 square feet. The new house was built in 1991. I was in total shock when I saw my energy bill to average around $400 per month. When I lived in the older home I had the folks from Hitech Heating and air-conditioning install a new energy efficient furnace. I never used to pay more than $100 per month even during the coldest season with a family of six where my wife also stays home all day.

When I saw my bill this high in the new home, I contacted Faisal at Hitech and he advised me to install a new hybrid system. I wanted A/C in the summer as well. So, Faisal worked out a good deal for me where I got the most high efficient AC/Heat Pump and a gas furnace combination. The heat pump kicks in when the outside temperature is over 40 degrees which is the case almost always except in January. When the outside temperature dips to below 40 degrees, the gas furnace then kicks in. In addition, we enjoyed a lovely summer with the A/C setup which kept the home cool and humid-free the entire summer.

My energy bill was cut by 60% providing me with a total savings of about  $2400 per year. Now I enjoy cool summers, warm winters and the new system pays for itself in less than 5 years.

Thank you for a wonderful setup. My family and I are truly thankful and we recommend your services to anyone who wants to save on their energy bill and to help save the environment by installing a new energy efficient system from Hitech.
Dec, 2008

Greetings to whom it may concern – – – –
We had two sets of 30+ year old Honeywell electrostatic filters in our house and when they became hard to find parts for, were getting rusty etc., we asked Faisal at All-Hi-Tech for a solution.

The American Standard AccuClean system which he installed has worked quite well.  It is designed to fit rather closely the form factor of the old Honeywell systems with much simpler filtering elements that are easier for us to service by ourselves.    So far, after almost a year, they have worked at least as well as the best years of the Honeywell’s and I think noticeably better than the reduced performance of the Honeywell’s in their latter years.   The first week we had them installed the house smelled much more fresh.

As for Faisal and All-Hi-Tech, we have been highly impressed over several engagements in the past year with their expertise and workmanship.   We have had Faisal and All-Hi-Tech do several mechanical servicing, new control thermostats and also a 2-day house-wide duct cleaning exercise.

In each case, we were very impressed with All-Hi-Tech’s up-to-date knowledge of the newest technologies, ability to rapidly figure out our existing set-up and housing conditions and determine well what was and was not practical to update.   Faisal could have sold us anything, but instead honorably focused on what was practicable and economical for the layout of our house.

In particular, their workmanship was unusually meticulous for this day and age.   They were very skillful in their joints and fittings, and respectful of our home and quite impressive in how they continually confined the mess of construction and cleaning.

After our former contractor went through ownership and staff turmoil, we were truly delighted to have discovered Faisal and All-Hi-Tech, will be pleased to continue working with them in the future, and consider the Eastside fortunate to have them in our business community.

Nancy Martin
John C. Martin, Jr.
Mercer Island, WA (south end)
Dec 2007

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that you continue to be my favorite heating and cooling firm. Every time I have called you on my old heating system and gas fireplace inserts, you came the same day and got me running again for a fair price.

Because of that, I enlisted a bid from you to install my new, hybrid, gas furnace, AC, Heat pump system. I am extremely happy I chose you for the job over the other 4 bigger name firms in the Puget Sound area from whom I also got bids.

Your price was very favorable, better than any of the others; the American Standard equipment you installed is, I hear, the same equipment as is sold by the more expensive Trane dealers; and you and your fellow installers did a top notch job of installing the furnace, electronic filter, copper coolant lines from the heat pump, really nice thermostat, and the heat pump/AC unit itself. You and your installers were very tidy, conscientious, and professional in the installation, and prior duct cleaning operation.

NICE JOB! From what I’ve seen of your honest work, I feel very comfortable that if I have any issues with the system, you will work to fix them. So far, no issues.

I have been using the system all summer and for several colder winter months now. For the month of Nov this system saved me about $60 for a month on our combined gas and electricity, PSE bill over the same period last year when I had a gas furnace and no heat pump. We keep the thermostat set at 70 during the day and 62 at night, and it seems to keep my house constantly at the programmed temperature to the degree!  We really enjoyed the cooler house last summer with the AC, also. It is all working very well.

Thanks, and I will recommend you to anyone I encounter who is in need of a system or repairs.

Herb Roberts
Dec, 2007

Several days ago on an early Sunday Morning our furnace discontinued working.

Having had two recent major surgeries and having lost 45 pounds in the last few months due to several hospitalizations, I was cold even when the heat was not turned “up”.  That particular morning had outside weather in the low 30’s, so, with the furnace off, I was getting really cold . . . . . . . . really fast.

My wife started calling Heating companies about 5:30am.  She called several firms but we had only one response and it came shortly after she started calling.  By 9:00am, your service representative, was already at our home.  His name is Faisal and in a short while he concluded that we had a bad curcuit board that needed to be replaced.  He starting calling your employees that could get him the inventory for the board and he wanted them to arrange it that he either would pick it up in Seattle or, through plan number two, he would pick it up on the Eastside.

By late afternoon the board had been picked up and installed. By the early evening we were back to our home being warm.

Both my wife and I were highly impressed with Faisal’s professionalism.  He was able to explain to us what had happened and how it would be fixed THAT SAME DAY.

We would be happy to serve as references for your firm due to Faisal’s terrific quality work completed for us that day.

One other firm called us back.  They called us back on Monday afternoon.  They did not work on Sunday and I told them we had found a firm that does and that we had heat within hours.

 Thanks for the GREAT JOB.

Jerry Costello
Redmond, WA
Nov, 2007

Very professional advice and installation. Prompt response and excellent customer service. I would definitely recommend for your needs. We replaced a furnace and added a heat pump.

Grantword, WA
Oct 27, 2007

Fast to respond when called to do service, and a competitive price! Very good price and good workmanship on new installation of my hybrid heat pump/AC/ gas furnace, using high quality equipment. Technically knowledgeable owner who personally oversees or does the installation!

HR from Sammamish, WA
Aug 14, 2007