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4 Common Household Items And Signs For Much-Needed Appliance Repair

Appliances are essential as it makes everyone’s lives much easier and more manageable. Appliances are the most used equipment in any household. Without appliance repair, everyone’s transported back to the pre-historic era when simple chores take the entire day to complete.

There are at least four most commonly used appliances at home. These appliances are used too much which makes them prone to damages compared to other items at home. As such, it is important to watch out for signs for an appliance repair before things get worse.

Here are the 4 most common appliances and signs that they are already screaming for appliance repair!


Truth be told, not many people enjoy washing the dishes. To most, the dishwasher is an answered prayer. However, it is prone to appliance repair for being used as often as the number of times people eat.

Immediately call the services of an appliance repair company if you any of these signs of damage:

–      Dishes still come out dirty and greasy after use.

–      Water temperature does not get hot enough for greases and other scums to be removed.

–      There are dents or other cracks that leak during and even after use.

–      The door does not latch well anymore.

–      Rust is prevalent and all over the unit.

Upgrading is often a good idea. However, it may be better to have an appliance repair company check the dishwasher first to see if it can be saved. Anyway, the company can recommend either repair or replacement based on their findings.


The dryer may not be as common as the dishwasher but many households have it. With a dryer, one doesn’t have to wait overnight to wear the clothes they want. In a few minutes, clothes are as dry as a bone and ready to wear. As people change clothes all the time, dryers are used often on any given day.

There are tell-tale signs that a dryer may already be used too often that it already is screaming for repair. Sometimes though, there are instances like the recent clothes dryers recall in the UK which is not the fault of its users. However, in most cases, extra care is needed to keep dryers last longer than usual. When these signs are observed, it is best to call an appliance repair expert to see what can be done:

–      The dryer makes an unusual noise during the cycle, something that it doesn’t do before.

–      Clothes are still wet or damp even after a cycle.

–      There is the smell of something burnt when in use.

–      Observed sparks when plugged or while in use. This is extra urgent as it can be the cause of a fire.

The last two points are important to watch out for. Any appliances that produce heat makes it more prone to start a fire. Immediately call the help of an appliance repair company to have the issue remedied. Nothing beats making the household completely safe from fire and anything that may cause damage to property.

Washing Machine

The washing machine has revolutionized clothes washing over several decades. Clothes are washed and thoroughly cleaned effectively much faster than hands washing. Besides, who wants to hand wash their clothes, right? With the washing machine’s average life span of about 10 years, signs of damage may already be observed precisely because it is used too often in a day or week.

Here are important signs to watch out for to know if an appliance repair is already needed:

–      There is an unusual movement during a cycle. As it does, the washing machine makes noises that have not been heard before.

–      Water ends up on the floor than the drum because of leaks.

–      Clothes still come out soiled even after several cycles.

–      Clothes don’t spin and tumble the way it is supposed to for extensive washing.

Washing machines are made to wash clothes. If at one point you end up hand washing clothes even with the washing machine around, go have it checked by an appliance repair company. Either have the washing machine repaired or replaced, or choose to do the traditional way of washing clothes with your bare hands- your choice.


Lastly, all households have refrigerators. It is essential to keep food and drinks safely preserved. It lessens food poising incidences which can be a big pain and inconvenience. As this shiny white big chunk of metal sits still in the corner of the house, it is still prone to damages.

Frequent opening and closing of doors, infrequent cleaning, incorrect temperature setting and much more contribute to its break down. Fortunately, refrigerators don’t stop working just like that. Just like any other home appliances, it gives out signs. These signs must be checked before its too late.

Here are some signs to watch out for. More often than not, these signs suggest that the refrigerator may be in dire need of an appliance repair expert’s care:

–      Unnatural expiration of food when stored in the fridge. The fridge is there to prolong food consumption. If food is getting spoiled faster than usual in spite of being in the fridge, there is definitely something wrong.

–      There is visible and observable condensation on both inside and outside of the unit.

–      Modern and later versions of the refrigerator don’t get hot to the touch in any of its parts and sides. However, if any side (particularly back part) is hot, waste no time and have it checked.

These are signs that can easily be observed. Disregarding these signs are never excusable. It may lead to the refrigerator’s total breakdown (and replacement is expensive) or even fire. Not to scare anyone, but it is best to act on it during the early stages. Appliance repair companies know what can be done.

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  1. Fay

    I appreciate what you said about the water ending on the floor because of leaks. This is a problem I am having currently. I will need to look into having my washing machine fixed.

  2. Eileen Benson

    Thanks for explaining the common issues that washing machines can have. My washer needs to be repaired soon. Your article helped me feel prepared to talk with an appliance repairman about the problem!

  3. David Johnson

    You make a good point that dryers are great because you don’t have to wait overnight to get the clothes you need. My family has six kids and so it’s important they all have clothes for school when their clothes need to be washed. We’ll have to find an appliance service.

  4. Kate Hansen

    It was really helpful when you said that a bad sign could be the dryer making noises that it hasn’t before. For the past couple of weeks, I have noticed how my dryer has been making a lot of new weird noises, and I was wondering if that was a bad sign. I’ll have to look into hiring an appliance repair service to help me with fixing my dryer.

  5. John DeGrave

    Recently the ice maker broke on my refrigerator. Is this something that can be repaired or do I need to buy a whole new refrigerator if I want it to make ice? We’re just using ice trays for the time being but the ice maker is much more convenient. I haven’t noticed any of the other problems listed occurring, though.visit website

    • allhitech

      Hi John we understand your frustration in order for us to help you out, please give us a call at 425 747 0677. We are more than happy to assist you. thank you

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