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4 Easy Appliance Repair Prevention Hacks You Definitely Can Do Effortlessly

Home appliances make everyone’s lives easier. As such, it needs to be taken care of like an important member of the family. Home appliances need to be checked and maintained to ensure their longevity. After all, constant replacement means a significant amount of money wasted. No one wants that at all!

Now, with these 4 simple ways, everyone can breathe a little sigh of relief knowing that their home appliances can last longer than usual. Appliance repair is necessary, however, at least it can last longer before the doctors of appliances are called in.


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When the fridge breaks down, its repair costs can go as high as no one’s business. While having periodic appliance repair is needed, there are simple ways to prolong its lifespan. Even better, one’s senses are only required in the process.

In cases that the fridge is making some unnatural noise (something that suggests it is strained), the coils may have to be checked. First thing’s first, check and see if the coils are clean. Make sure that it is free from any blockages and obstructions which prevents natural flow. Also, the fridge must have enough space (ideally, at least 2 inches from the wall). This ensures proper air circulation.

The refrigerator door plays an important part as well. Power consumption is automatically jacked up when the door does not close snugly. To be sure, inspect that the door seal is not broken or cracked. It is indeed true that prevention is better than cure and there’s no need to go crazy on appliance repair or recycling as one man threw a fridge off a cliff which happened recently.


As it is considered heavy-duty, it still needs extra care. After every use, checking for clogged filter and hose can go a long way. Oils, sauces, and grease may get caught in the filter which hampers the dishwasher’s ability to perform. It is also advisable to invest in good quality dishwasher-safe dishes. This will do wonders for both the dishes and the dishwasher.

To make sure that clogging does not happen, buy a cheap yet effective dishwasher cleaner. It is best to buy one with active ingredients which specifically dissolve nasty stains and scum from used dishes.


This major home appliance should never be taken for granted. As it is only used seasonally, many homeowners don’t pay enough attention and completely forget about it during the summer. Regardless of the season, the furnace must be inspected regularly.

It helps to check the furnace filters. It needs to be cleaned monthly by using a gentle cleaner (dishwashing cleaner may be used) with warm (and not boiling) water. One may also seek help from an expert heating and air conditioning company for possible replacement monthly. Yes, that may seem like an additional expense, however, consider how much more it would cost if the whole furnace breaks down because of neglect.


Summer is almost over but its effects may last a little longer. Global Warming has its way of letting people know it is getting worse year after year. Because of this, summers are increasingly hot and winters unbearably cold. Thanks to our heating and air conditioning appliances, at least it provides everyone with temporary comfort.

For one, many have already experienced a surge in electricity bill over the summer as their air conditioner units are turned on the entire time. If paying more for electricity is the price to pay for the extreme summer temperature, then so be it.

Some simple steps to make the overused air conditioner unit last a little longer start from simply unplugging it when not in use. Also, removing the filter to expose the cooling coils for spraying of air conditioner cleaning agents significantly helps in maintenance. The filter must also be cleaned regularly (monthly, if possible especially when used heavily). Simply use plain tap water and foaming cleanser.

Appliance Repair is necessary, but self-initiated appliance care is important

These hacks can easily be done by just about anyone. It may have some parts replacement required, but it is better than completely having the appliance repaired. Worse, the appliance may be beyond repair that it is better to buy a new one. Imagine how much that would cost.

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  1. Bob

    Great tip about making sure that monthly checks are made on your most important appliances. This is probably even more true when it comes to appliances that are extremely old. I should probably have someone check the wiring of my fridge because the light keeps going off and on.

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